photoplace:Sukumo Town Station
photography:Satoshi Asakawa

Durable wall with Japanese design and patterns Taishinryoku Kabe

Product Description
Material : Hinoki (Shimanto cypress)
Module : Shaku module (1 Shaku = 30.3 cm) or metric module
Type : 2 types (1G type · 2G type)

Size :
1G type
Width 900〜1000mm
Height 2200〜3200mm
Depth 115mm , 120mm

2G type
Width 1350〜1500mm
Height 2200〜3200mm
Depth 115mm , 120mm

Process Patent obtained


Kumiko Card Case

Asairo card case is just like stained-glass where light comes through. The charming color matches well with the traditional Kumiko patterns. Asairo is a fun card case to enjoy the different nuances of colors depending on the warmth of the light. It is pocket-sized and has a smooth finish. The size of Asairo is perfect for both business and daily usage, for example, business cards, shopping member cards or punch cards.

Product Name : Asairo
Usage : Wooden card case
Material : Hinoki (Japanese cypress), epoxy resin
Size : W 110mm x D 70mm x H 15mm

Kumidokei :

Kumiko Wall Clock

The Melon clock has the traditional Shippo pattern. We used the hybrid method (Asairo), and it has the look of a melon rind. Melon is a modern Japanese style but goes well with both Japanese and Western rooms.

Product name : Melon
usage : clock
Material : Hinoki (Japanese cypress), epoxy resin
Size : diameter 27cm

A New Products

Technique of Asairo

Technique of Asairo

We developed this technique to combine Kumiko and resin.
This technique made it possible to shape and cut Kumiko freely.

Gimmick Box

Kumiko Gimmick Motion Box

Gimmick Box

Discover The Box,You Never Knew!

The function of the box is very elegant and entertaining. When opening the top part, the rest of the box opens automatically and synchronously.

Product Name : Premium Gimmick Box
Usage : designer storage box for ingenious presentation
Size : 99mm x 99mm x 326mm
Material : Lauan
Finish : natural wax


The gimmick motion creates fun and impressive moments when opening and closing the box. You can adjust the opening and the closing of the box and keep the configuration of your preference. It gives the sense of the box being continually in motion.


The box has an entertainment aspect as the motion of opening and closing is unique and amusing. The box opens and closes laterally as the parts on both right and left sides use an interlocking movement.


All the small pieces have guide pins which control the lateral opening and closing of the box. This mechanism allows the box to maintain its shape, even if you stop the motion of the box. It is original and unique since you can design your own shape, thanks to this mechanism.

‘Gimmick’ means little tricks which intend to attract people’s attention.


Kumiko Box

A traditional Kumiko pattern is applied to the lids of boxes which adds class and style to the objects inside these boxes.
Kumihako is the perfect item to use as a gift box for all the important people in your life.
You can include a touch of Japanese traditional culture to your gifts.

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Original pattern


Kumiko Planter

Product name : Kagome Kou
Usage : home decor
Material : Viva Walnut
Size : W 110mm x H 100mm

Kagome Kou is a decorative object with the traditional Kagome pattern.
It is a hexagonal cylinder and the Kagome pattern is on 3 of the 6 sides.

It can be used as a diffuser reed holder, a pen holder, or a vase for dry or fresh flowers.
You could also put a small LED inside and use it as an Ando (a lantern shade).


Kumiko Lunch Basket

Product name : Ron Ron Panier
Usage : basket
Material : Hinoki
Size : W 400mm x H 190mm x D 115~117mm

This is a wooden basket for your tea and lunch time.
You can put your favorite desert or tea set inside for a nice picnic day.
The lid has the Asanoha pattern and it is removable.
The lid can be used as trays.
The handle makes it easy to carry and the basket will make your tea and lunch time more enjoyable.


Kumiko Card Case

This is a palm-sized card case.
It has a small Asanoha pattern.
The wood becomes smoother as time passes and it feels better and better in your hand over time.

Product name : Asanoha
Usage : wooden card case
Material : Hinoki (light brown)
Red Meranti and Magnolia (dark brown)
Size : W 110 x H 70 x D 15mm (fits 18~20 cards)

Kumiko Kit

You can experience the traditional Japanese art and mechanism of Kumiko by assembling this kit yourself.
It is the perfect size for use as a coaster.
By putting each piece together you can see the intricacy of how Kumiko works.

Product name : Kumiko kit, Mitsukumite
Material : Hinoki
Size : Large / Diameter 160mm
Small / Diameter 115mm


Beauty of growth rings.
Wooden tiles

WoodTile : Uzu

Product name : Uzu
Classification: Wooden tile
Usage : interior walls, furniture, etc
Material : Hinoki and Sugi (cedar)
Size : 83mm x 83mm x 7mm
Specification : Uzukuri surface method
Finish : unfinished
*Each piece of wood has a naturally unique pattern.
No two pieces are the same.

Beauty of woodgrain.
Wooden tiles.

WoodTile : Hexa

Product name : Hexa
Classification : Wooden tile
Usage : interior walls, furniture, etc
Material : Hinoki and Sugi (cedar)
Size : 100mm x 116mm
Width : Hinoki 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
    Sugi 7.5mm, 10.5mm
Specification : marquetry made up of 3 pieces with
chamfered edges
Finish : unfinished
* Each piece of wood has a naturally unique pattern.
No two pieces are the same.

These are wood tiles which let us appreciate the natural beauty found in wood grain.
It is perfect for walls but can be used in many other places with a little creativity.

Depending on the type of the wood, you can arrange different combinations and create your own design.


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